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I suck at updates.

Hello LJ,

I really do suck at keeping this page updated like I should, but its because I use yaplog more than LJ, but I still check it from time to time, I'm just not as active, mostly because I HATE the lj app for iphone, and <3 the yaplog one.

Call it what you will but that's why my page has been a bit on the empty side

I'm not going to promise that I will update this, but I will continue to make the occasional post when I'm on the computer.

Anyways I'm starting to get back into the drama shows. I just recently finished IRIS, only because it was on KBS world, and my mom wont let me have the korean or japanese stations for our tv (she says it cost too much) I think it's worth the price, because the more I watch, the more I pick up on things, and it makes speaking much easier.

Uh, Ok I dont know what else to rant about so ill end this here.

<3 PinkCherry

Iphone Ringer Tones

Finally it's here!
My first round of ringtones that I'm sharing with you all. For now all of the tones in this posting is of m4r formant and are anywhere between 20-40 sec's long. If you would like one of these songs to be in a different format then please say so by comment. I will be more than happy to re-up them as a different format for you.

Ring my phone, I promise to answer, just after this one song...Collapse )

I will add more songs in the next week or so, this is just a sample of what I have to offer, my next post will have a few more japanese artist, including a few j-reggae female artist I can't stop listening to :) Hope you enjoy <3


Ok so I said that last week I would up some ringtones, well I didn't forget.
Maybe setting the time for a week that had too much stuff going on wasn't the best plan to take action and make good on my word.

I'm sorry for that.

But! I didn't forget, in fact I'm just waiting for some free time, so that I can upload the ringtones I already have made. Once that's done, on with the post to this lj for it. Like I said before if it takes off then maybe a community for sharing tones and such. I really don't know yet, I'm just testing the waters and seeing how far this takes me.

Once I make that first post of tones, I will start being more consistent with uploads. Unless I get suggestions it will be mostly of songs that I like at the moment. But enough of that, I'm off to look around my computer for pre-made song clips and such so I can prep for the new posting.

It will be up soon, well before the year is out for sure :)


Ok I think it might be time to re-revamp my lj.

I figure since I dont really use this account as much as my yaplog blog, that maybe I should start offering things through my blog, as maybe like a thanks to other blogs for sharing things, and introducing me to so many new artist and films.

I'm thinking maybe I'll start a ringtone styled sharing. Seeing how there will always be music sharing, and I couldn't add anything new to those sites as far as sharing new singles and such. I guess i'll start off small and maybe if it takes off ill even so request, and just see where this will take me. So my next blog posting will be of ringtones I currently use on my iphone at the moment.

The genre's will vary from kpop to jpop, and of course jrock to :)

So probably in the next week Ill begin working on that.

Speaking of the ringtone matter, I know my phone allows 40 sec. mpr as the file name but if you let me know what file type works for you, I will be more than happy to convert it to what your phone uses. But more on that next week.

I will also try and update this as often as my yaplog, since I finally got around to getting the lj app for my iphone.

See you all next week, with some ringer tones :)
God how I have been wanting to go back in time to when I was a little girl, where life was so simple, where you wish that you were grown, and yet knew so little about the world. I didn't have to worry about anything but what we were going to have for dinner, or if I could just sneak one last piece of candy before I sit down for dinner. Being able to live carefree without a worry in the world is what I miss, even the occasional scrape upon my knees, no matter how bad it was. It's because times like those always reminded me that I was still just a kid. If only I could just go back for one day, just to live in simpleness bliss.

I watched you and I'm not scared

Paranormal activities = lame & scare fail

Typical for me when it comes to the horror genre these days.

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Tweet Tweet Tweet

Well it's about time I post something here...

I've been using my yaplog a lot more lately, keeping that updated I forget about my lj xD
Anyways Im a tweeter and FINALLY t-mobile updated us poor souls stuck with the sk slide so we can download apps for twitter and facebook. Since facebook was free I still downloaded even though I don't have a facebook atm. But I made sure to download the twitter app, even though they charge 1.99 a month. I figure since I'm only going to have my phone for about 2 more months I can afford it xD

In other news, my mom's going out of town to visit my grandmom for two weeks so I'll be lonely for that whole time, it's cool but sucks all at the same time, being alone at home freaks me out. xD

Other than that nothing else is going on that I can think of.
Im off to sleep now, got to get some sleep cause I have to drop mom @ the airport, and run some much needed errands tomorrow.


I Don't Care...

Ok I haven't updated this in a while. One of the reasons why is, I have way too many blogs around the net these days. I just signed up for yaplog.jp, and also daum's site, any they also gave me a blog. I even got swept into micro blogging, using twitter, and I'm thinking about getting a me2day, so I can easily see updates on my fav. korean artist. (half of my blogs I don't use anyways, mostly using twitter and yaplog accounts)

Anyways, not much going on with me, I just got around to cleaning up all of my files on my macbook. (deleted everything) Of course I backed it all on my external hard drive, and placed some of the files back onto my mac. For the most part my computer is bac to being like new.

Of course that's all going to change after about 2 months, when my hard drive will be full to the max with random programs and crap. lol

Well im going to end this here, it's getting late and I'm getting sleepy.

Nighty Night,

Man oh man Kpop is addictive...

Hello there,

I'm back! Anyways, I've noticed the past few day's I have been listening to NOTHING but kpop. (and the occasional crap on la radio since my player for my ipod broke)
I have been listening to a lot of Big Bang, and 2ne1's fire because that song is catchy, as well as a bit of Uhm Jung Hwa. What can I say, I'm in love with the stuff.

I dont really have too many korean artist floating about on my Ipod, but if anyone has ANY suggestions then please feel free to let me know. (as well as ANY rock/pop/hip-hop by any Japanese/Korean/Chinese artists)


I <3 The 80's

Ok I seriously don't know why, but I've been on a 80's binge for the past few weeks.

It all started when I was going though my old cd collection. Which is rather small, since most of my cd's are on my Ipod, so the one's I backed up I either gave away or sold. So anyways, the small collection I still have, I stumbled across a cd by the cure. So after squealing like a full on 3 minutes (ok not that long) I popped the cd into my cd player and had a mini dance party to it.

Oh the 80's music didn't stop there, as I went to work, there was at least one 80's song that played on my radio which made me giggle with glee, and declare last week 80's week.

So now I'm trying my best to find all sorts of 80's music that I've grown to love, and that I'm a little too embarrassed to say I adore.

Any suggestions on where to find good 80's hit's would be loved, as well as any suggestions ofgood 80's music is loved to.

Thanks for any help <3

P.s I LOVE love love new wave, and industrial music, but anything is good in my book as long as I can dance to it.